Get Avast Free Antivirus For Mac To Protect From Viruses


Avast is the name that I recommend to anyone, who does not want to spend for paid antiviruses.There are other as well in the market share but overall I have seen the performance of Avast is much better ( as per my experience ).I used to use the Avast 4.7 version long time back when there wasnt any internet security from them but they introduced one as per the requirement of the market. Few years ago it was giving many false errors as well but now everything has been taken care of by the tech team. Recently they have released the version 7 of their antivirus that you can try free for 30 days here

Last year they released the Avast antivirus for mac which is in beta till now, if you are thinking antivirus for mac? What is the need? So the story is same that virus is a software written by someone to work in a malicious way. Now it depends upon the intention of a coder if one codes for a good purpose or for a bad one but we shouldnt forget our purpose to protect the operating system. There are many paid antiviruses in the market for Windows as well as for Macintosh so obviously there are viruses for Mac which resulted in antiviruses for the same, so you should not be in any confusion that Macs are immune to viruses. Still its not a bad deal to install something for security which is absolutely free that too from a famous vendor.You can download and install the Avast AV for your mac from the link below

Last year before the release of Avast security for Mac I also posted about Sophos Antivirus For Macintosh here that also many people use. So now you have two choices either Sophos or Avast depending upon if you need a free security for your Macintosh or a paid one which would be for sure a better solution like Kaspersky, Norton and Others. Avast`s version for Macintosh is in beta now and once it will be released as a final version, I can straight away recommend it for Windows as well as Macintosh. If you use a different security product to protect your Apple machine, do let us know which one and why you think its a better one than any other.

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