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Every month I build or atleast recommend a desktop for my friends, relatives, clients or friend of friends depending upon their requirement. Few of them need it to learn computers, many want it to play games and watch movies, few need it to use Adobe while others need it to code well at home, apart from their office PC.

Different people have different requirements which they need to fulfill while taking care of budget as well. Sometimes they often tell that they need a dual core,core 2 duo or quad core processor with 4, 8 or 16 GB memory and 500 GB, 1 or 2 TB HDD. Depending upon their requirement I need to take care of the computer`s requirement as well which is the Power Supply also knows as PSU ( Power Supply Unit ). As you all know that there is a black wire from the UPS going at the back of your computer tower apart from the other cables like keyboard ,mouse, monitor. The computer part on which that cable is connected is called the PSU which converts the AC ( Alternating Current from the wall ) to DC ( Direct Current for different components ).

Choosing a right PSU is very important that protects the computer parts from any kind of damage as different people have different requirements and depending upon their need I need to calculate the computer`s need that I do using different PSU calculators. 

I mostly use Cooler Master`s Power Supply Calculator as this brand is easily available in my country and one of the top brand. So depending upon your computer`s configuration you can calculate the required power supply for it and can easily calculate if your custom built machine has the right PSU or your local tech has just placed a cheap and low power supplying unit to save few $$

Once you select the desired parts that you will be purchasing for the custom build, it will adjust the display for the required power for your computer. The below calculation was done 8 years back and now for me it has increased upto 1200w.

There would be many Asus lovers there so they can also use the power supply calculator at the below link

Computer Power Supply Calculator
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The Asus PSU calculator has changed a lot and doesn't have the upgraded specs for selection. So, I am adding the Seasonic & Corsair as well:


There are other PSU calculators as well but above one should be enough for selecting a good PSU. If you use a different one do let us know. Don't forget to share your favorite PSU company and the most famous one in your country.

So no matter if you are using a Cooler Master, Antec, Seasonic or Corsair PSU, just ensure that you are providing enough power to your computer .

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