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Many people ask me that how they can make a website or if there is anyway they can create it for free?When I posted about a scam that happened with me here,I got so many emails to post about the things happened with them but I cant without any proof as I stated in the post itself.I have also seen many people here and there posting about their stuff which noone actually reads.Once upon a time I saw a lady posting her beautiful poems in yahoo answers then I told her to create her own blog so that she can post all her beautiful poems at one place where people like me would love to read them.Since then I was thinking to post this topic and now its here.

Long time back in 2003 or 2004 ( I do not remember the exact year but it was either of the two ) I was talking to a guy on Yahoo messenger who lives near by my place and he told me that he has a domain by his name.I was surprised to hear that then I asked him how he did all  that as I would like to have one by my name but he denied to tell anything and then I searched things over the net ( Thanks to Google again as its one of my best teachers ) and since then the journey continues.

Initially I started and learnt to explore the things on wordpress then after some years I started later on moved it under a custom domain and so on.Now the question is how to create a website or blog absolutely free?Its upon you if you want to create a blog or website and you can Google the difference between the two.

Now website designing is somehow similar to house building as to build a house we need a space that gets an address and the people to build the house known as labors or designers.So to build a website you need a domain name like or you can start under a sub-domain like the two I posted above one on and the other one on where you automatically get the second thing which is hosting (space in example of building a house ) if you arent ready to go for paid hosting you can get free hosting either with Wordpress or Blogspot as I used earlier.Then you need labor to work on your website which are called designers for your domain.So to brief up 3 things that you need to own a website

1 ) Domain Name ( You can get one from Name which gives you free domain whois on using the coupon code FREEWHOIS )

2 ) Hosting ( You can get it from Hostgator )

3 ) Designer ( You can be your own like me or hire someone but nowdays its like few clicks stuff )

This is how you can build your own website following the steps above.Now if you are from India you can get a free website for one complete year from India Get Online.Its a joint venture of Google & Hostgator that started last year for Indian Businesses where you can get a .in domain extension like with free hosting for 1 year.After one year if you like the service that you would for sure you may continue or just drop there.They recommend before you start you should watch this video of How To Build Your Website Here.Now lets just start creating your free website.

1 ) Visit the link and click on Yes,I want my free website free as shown below

2 ) Click on create my free website now at the bottom on the next page

3 ) Enter the domain name you wish to register in the box and check if its available.If its available for you go ahead and click next

4 ) Fill up the form about your business and click next

5 ) You will see the confirmation message about the sign up and the toll free number for customer care

If you do not get the welcome email that contains your userid and password for login to the control panel just call the toll free number for help.I dint get any welcome email for two days and called up the support then they sent the welcome email on my Gmail account as was getting errors in receiving it at the email address of my other domains.

Once you get the welcome email with the details of your username and password just go to the control panel and login with the credentials.Then start creating and publishing your website under manage your website tab where you just have to select the desired template and fill in your business details. So dont wait just start your website before anyone else grabs your desired domain name.Dont forget to share your experience of creating your first website with us.

Are you facing any computer problem that you want to get fixed for free? We have many tutorials here still you need someone to answer the questions? Click here to join our Forum ( As if now we have closed the forum option but will start it soon )to get help & interact with other members.
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