Pendrives are the most famous gadgets nowadays if we wish to transfer our data from one computer to another. They have completely replaced the floppy drives and soon would be replacing the optical disk either to move data from one place to another or if we talk about installing any Operating System using the flash drives. They are also one of the major reason to infect computers that are not connected to internet.

Now using Pendrive is a simple plug and play task, anytime you face an error while using your drive simply format it by making a right click on it and then selecting the option of format. Most of the time you will be able to format your drive using the above described method but many times it gives you an error while doing so. I keep on getting different drives for data transfer and many times I get the error " Windows cannot format this drive "  as shown below

Now to overcome this problem, if you are a Linux user, you can simply format the drive in that OS but if you want a simple and few clicks option then here is the solution of formatting the flash drive using the Windows Disk Management Utility that you can open by simply going to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Computer Management. You can open the same option by simply making a right on My Computer then select Manage from the options

It will take some time in showing the drives, after that just right click the drive you wish to format ( make sure you cross check it so that by mistake you should not format the wrong drive ) and click on format.

Now it will display the format options on the screen like volume label, file system. You can also select if you want to do a quick format or detailed format. The difference in between a quick format and detailed one is that in the first type of format, your drive gets formatted only by deleting the data in it however the latter one also fixes bad sectors if any are there in your drive. So its always a good idea to do a normal format.

Now you will see the pre-format warning, simply click on ok

After that you may see the primary partition is currently in use error, after the double check that you are formatting the correct drive, click on yes

Just wait for couple of minutes and after that you will get a formatted drive. Now if you have any drive that you have thrown aside because of the following error just take it back and format using the above described technique to make it work again.

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