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Everyday there are new websites and blogs coming to the internet, either personal or commercial. Many of us get to know these websites via Google and sometimes we subscribe, follow or get in touch with the website updates using the available options. If you wish to find out who owns a particular blog or website, I already shared the trick with you all last year.

Many of us are bloggers and blogging on different niche, few are using free hosting on Blogspot and many are using Wordpress on shared hosting as well. Did you ever think what all blogs or websites are hosted with your domain on that particular server? No? Dont worry, we will see how to do that. I hope many of you are aware of the Alexa & Google Page Rank, to check the same for my or other blogs, I have been using the SearchStatus addon for Firefox ( as its my main browser ) for a long time with its other useful features as well.

SearchStatus displays the Alexa and Google PageRank, if you wish can also change the options to display Compete and mozRank. It is not available for Chrome as if now, I wish that the developer Craig Raw would have released the same for my another frequently used browser.You can download the addon either from the main site

Or from add-ons page at Mozilla

Click Here To Download Search Status From Mozilla Addons Page

Once installed it will be there at the bottom in the Add-on Bar, if you do not see the bar you can make it visible using the view option in your browser which is there at the top, then click on toolbars and check the option for your required bar as shown below. If you do not see the menu bar for your browser, you need to press the " Alt " key on your keyboard to make it visible.

Once the add-on is installed, simply open the blog or website, you wish to check and then make a right click and select " Show other domains on IP " to find other sites hosted on the same server. Then with the help of Bing, it will display the results.

By default this add-on shows the Alexa & Google PageRank, you can enable the Compete & mozRank by selecting the enable option as shown below

I also use this add-on to see the WHOIS source of a site, in my post to find the domain or an IP owner I shared about Dnsstuff website, I use the same site in this add-on as well, it gives an option to select one among four websites. Just right click on the blue icon, go to options then external tab to select your favorite website to check the whois details.

You can use this add-on for many more features which you can see by making a right click on the blue icon. Are you on any other browser? Say Chrome, do let us know if you use any other add-on for the same purpose on your browser.

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