Download DivX Plus Player Standalone Offline Installer For Easy Installation


There are so many players available in the market and every operating system comes with a by default media player. I basically use two players Windows Media Player for audio songs & VLC for video files, though there are other players installed on my computers as well. Long time back I used to use GOM Player as it can play many file formats but mainly because it has a feature of taking screenshots from the currently playing video.

Couple of months back I got a movie from my friend which I guess was in DivX codec format, I tried to play the movie with VLC and Windows Media Player but with no success even I had installed the K-Lite Codec Pack. I have used DivX player long time back so thought lets give it a try before researching furthur about different codecs and it worked fine with that movie`s codec. You can download the player anytime from the below link.

DivX Player Offline Installer

While downloading the software, I got an error because of my internet connection and then I used the offline installer for the same instead of using the web installer offered by my download manager and since then, this post was in draft. I keep on facing issues with my ISP and for the same reason I got a backup internet but that is only to browse and checking emails. It cant be use for downloading softwares and other stuff as its 2G. If you are on a slow internet or have a limited download plan, this offline installer for the player will be of real help in installing on multiple computers or on the same incase of different scenarios.

Click Here To Download The DivX Player Offline Installer

While installing you get the options for the components to choose from including a DivX Plus Converter 15 days trial. During installation process it also offers to install Norton Security Scan which totally depends upon you, if you wish to install or not.

Transfer DivX Files
After installation you will see that on the right hand side of the player it displays four options to transfer your files to DivX, DivX HD & DivX Plus HD certified devices ( you can check the logo on your device ). You can play DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV videos using this player. Do you use any other player ? Do let us know via the comment form below to test it out and share with all.

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