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Blogger is another great and free service from Google which is widely used by many people either on the subdomain or on their own domain. We run this blog on Blogger itself and this is the only blog that I run on this platform, rest all my blogs are running on the self hosted Wordpress. Google has been improving all its services since the very first day of the launch itself including Blogger but it was far behind from Wordpress in terms of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

Google has started improving the blogger platform as well for better SEO, it introduced many features like meta tags, errors and redirections, custom robots file, easily adding alt tag to photos and adding nofollow attribute to links. Soon it will also launch the feature of Custom URL which is already available in, if you will see the URL of this post its different than the post title unlike other posts on this blog.

Apart from the SEO, the thing that makes Wordpress a better CMS ( Content Managemnet System ) than Blogger is the availability of so many plugins for the former. Many things can be done manually on Blogger as well that we do on Wordpress using plugins like we did on this blog but the main plugin that I install on any WP blog is the contact us form developed by, so that advertisers, vendors and other people can easily contact me for different purpose. However for the latter one there is no such facility of plugins or any form provided by Google ( I hope soon they will provide the same ).

A contact us form is very important for any blog or website so that different people can reach the owner for different purpose. One can display the email adddress on the blog itself for the contact purpose but it will also invite many spammers, you can also upload an image of your email address but a good contact us form looks more professional and easy to use.

Long time back I thought that as programmers keep on doing wonders by creating different softwares and web applications, one must has designed a contact us form as well. Once I did a search, found many services but tried a form from Kontactr on this blog and since then I have been using the same without any problems.

I have never seen any blog till now without a contact us page on self hosted Wordpress, though there may be few but I have seen many awesome blogs without a contact us form, displaying their email address as the owners are not aware about the spam problem or they are not aware that we can embed one in Blogger as well. If you are running your blog on Blogger, you can also get a contact us form rather you should get one from Kontactr and stop displaying your email address to avoid spammers.

Simply go to their website and signup for a new account. You will get an email to activate your account, once done just log into your account and copy the code as shown below.

Blogger Contact Form

Now go to your blog`s dashboard and create a new page for contact purpose, name it whatever you would like to display, then click on HTML tab instead of compose option and publish the page after pasting the code as shown in the image.

Blogger Post HTML Option

You can see the form on your blog and can test the same, isnt it a simple job for such a useful feature. If you wish can also paste the code for different buttons in the HTML field of the page which will display the desired button instead of the complete form. When someone will click on the button the form will be popped up on the screen for the user.

Kontactr Button Codes

So friends, go ahead and install the form on your blog. If you wish you can also customize the form according to your blog by going to the link as shown above in the first image. This form contains a CAPTCHA as well preventing you from spammers. Are you using a different contact us form on your blog? Is it more easy to install than this one? Do let us know using the comment field below so that we can share the same with our readers.

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