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Last year, I switched from Nokia to an Android phone and the very first thing or I must say the only thing that I required from my old Nokia phone were the contacts. I did not want to copy contacts via the SIM (Copying contacts from my Nokia's memory to SIM and then inserting the SIM in my Android phone) so I thought of something similar to batch transfer.

I knew that there is something known as contacts from Google (I saw it many times while using their services but never used it before that task) so I thought of using it. Now, the only thing that I needed was to export my contacts from the Nokia phone and then importing the contacts to Google Contacts. Once this was done, I logged in using the same Google Account to my Droid and everything was synched including the contacts (Detailed tutorial is there at the end).

Last weekend, I did the same thing for one of my cousin as he wanted to transfer the contacts from iPhone 3GS to Samsung Note 3. Though the procedure was a bit hectic but here is the procedure in detail that how you can transfer contacts from your Nokia mobile as well as Apple iPhone.

At first, let us see the step by step procedure to do it for your Nokia mobile:

1) Download Nokia PC suite for your phone. As stated in Wikipedia, the older version which is Nokia PC suite, supports exporting the contacts. However, the new software known as Nokia Suite, does not offer to export your contacts (I have not tested this on new version, if time permits then I would test and share the same).

2) Connect your Nokia phone to PC using the USB cable or via Bluetooth technology and then click on Contacts option as shown below .

Transfer Nokia Mobile Contacts

3) Once the contacts screen is up, select all the contacts (Ctrl+A, as we do in PC) or those you wish to import. Click on File option at the top and then on export as shown below.

4) Import the exported contacts to your Google account (as explained below at the end, the last two images explain the things) that you would be using on your new Android device.

5) You can also take a full backup or selective back up of your Nokia device using the PC Suite as shown in the image below and restore it later. If you wish to see the contents of the backup in your computer itself, without restoring the backup to the phone then you can use a software known as NbuExplorer which can be downloaded here.

Take Nokia Mobile Backup

Let us see, how we can transfer the contacts from Apple phone. The iPhone was a 3GS with iOS 4.1 in it and not the latest one for that model.

At first, I took the backup of the iPhone which everyone should do before working on any computing device. iTunes was prompting to update to the newer version of the software (6.1.6) but I thought to play with the current version as it was not giving the option to Sync contacts with Google contacts (Google has tutorials for version 5 and above on their support site).

I synched the contacts with Outlook (iOS 4.1 has only two options, Outlook and Windows Contacts) as shown below:

iPhone Sync Outlook Contacts

Once you click on Apply, your iPhone contacts will be syncd with Outlook (Your Outlook should be configured with the Google email) as shown below:

Microsoft Outlook Contact List

Now you need to export the Outlook contact somewhere so that you can import the exported data in your Google account. Let us see how you can export your contacts from Microsoft Outlook 2013:

1) Click on FILE option at the top left of your application

2) At the left hand side on the new screen, please click on Open & Export and then on Import/Export option at the right hand side

Export Microsoft Outlook Contacts

3) It will open the Import and Export Wizard, select the Export to a file option and click on Next

Outlook Import Export Wizard

4) On the next screen, select Comma Separated Values (CSV) and click on next

Outlook Comma Separated Values

5) Select Contacts option and then click on next

Outlook Contacts Import Export

6) Save the exported file or simply browse the desired location

Save Outlook Exported Contacts

7) On the next screen, simply click on Finish button and it will export the contacts to your desired location

Finalize Outlook Contacts Export

Now, we need to import the contacts in our Google Account that we will be using on the Android Device. Login to your Gmail Account and go to Google Contacts. At the left hand side, please click on Import Contacts

Google Import Contacts Option

A pop up will be there, click on "Choose File" button>> Select the exported contacts (Either the exported contacts from Outlook or the one exported from Nokia Suite) and then click on import

Import Mobile Phone Contacts

It will take a while and all your contacts will be imported to your Google Account. Once you sign in and sync the account on your Android device, all the contacts would be there as desired. This way you can export your old mobile contacts to the new Android mobile.

You need to check the software or PC software provided by your hardware manufacturer as it should give you an option to export the contact list and then you can import the contacts using the Google service. Happy Droiding and congrats for the new mobile :)

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