If you are using a slow internet connection then downloading stuff from internet is a tedious task. Download freaks, specially in those countries where high speed internet is not easily available must use a download manager for efficient downloading. I keep on playing with different Operating Systems be it for home users or for Servers and to do that, I download the latest trail versions from Microsoft or different flavors of Linux. Most of the time my computers are busy downloading stuff from the internet and if I am busy somewhere else then they do it smartly using IDM, be it the videos from Youtube or any other software.

I have used and tried many download managers, be it the free one or paid stuff but later or sooner I switched back to Internet Download Manager because of its simplicity and robustness. I have been using it for a long time, I guess from version 4 or 5 (On Virtual Operating Systems) and now planned to buy it for my host machines but things landed up as a giveaway for the readers of Experts Galaxy.

Internet Download Manager has a lot of features, lets see the main one that I primarily use and because of them it is my favorite download manager. I wish they have a download manager for Linux as well because I am also looking for a download manager for my Linux machine.

1) Resume Downloads - The main function of a download manager is to resume the downloads and IDM does it perfectly well. I keep on changing my internet plan depending upon the usage but even at the high speed plans, at times the internet stops working and then IDM assists me in resuming my downloads else it would be a frustrating task to start the download of a 4 GB Operating System from scratch. To resume a download, simply highlight it in the list and then click on resume option at the top as shown below:

Download Manager Resume Option

2) Downloading Videos From Youtube and Similar Sites: I keep downloading the lectures of Computer Science from IIT and prefer to download the video in MP4 format so that I can play it in my TV and mobile too. You just need to open the video in the browser and a download button will appear at the top right corner of the video as shown below and you can download the video in your desired format:

Youtube Videos Downloading Format

3) Scheduling your Download: IDM has a Scheduler option using which you can manage your downloads efficiently. It gives you useful options like if you wish to automatically start the downloads in the queue when your computer starts or you can specifically set a time in the scheduler to begin your download. My favorite option in the scheduler is to turn off the computer when the download finishes. At times, I go to sleep after initiating the downloads and the computer automatically turns off when the download gets completed. Once you set the option as desired, simply click on apply and start now button to begin the downloads as desirable.

Download Manager Scheduling Option

4) Multiple & Priority Download: Once you click on the Scheduler option, along with the Schedule tab, it also has a tab to set the priority of downloads in the queue. Using that option, you can set if you wish to download multiple files or a single file at a time. I set it to 1 and you can also change the priority of the downloads as required using the buttons provided at the bottom of the queue

Download Manager Priority Queue

5) Install on Server Operating System: Though officially not supported and listed but it works smoothly on Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012. I have been using the download manager for last one year in virtual environment on different instances of the server OS.

Windows Server Download Manager

Overall, it is a nice utility to manage your download tasks with much more options like Site Grabber (To download all files from a website), Importing & Exporting your download queue, Speed Limiter (To set the speed limitations on your downloads). As per my experience, this is the only download manager that updates itself frequently, along with the new version release of Windows and all browsers. You can download the trial version of the software from their official site:

The only difference between the trial version (30 days) and the full version is that you can not remove the completed files from the list in a trial version using a single click of available button. Because of continuous downloads, the list looks messy and this option can remove all the completed files as shown below but the feature is available only in registered version of the software though you can select them all and then use the "Red Delete" button to complete the task (As far as I remember, in earlier versions of the software there was no option to delete all the completed files at once).

Download Manager Completed Files

Now, here is a chance to get a 1 year license of the software free of cost. Intotal 5 keys will be given on 2nd April, 2014 to selected winners. I am using Rafflecopter (Perform the tasks using the utility below) for this giveaway (starts tomorrow) and would be using it or similar tools to arrange giveaways from now onwards (it would save a lots of time in reviewing things)

Participating in the Giveaway:

Please login to the Rafflecopter giveaway application (Either using email address or using FB account) and follow the steps provided by the application. Rules are listed below, the more you share the more points you would earn to win the giveaway 

Carefully Read the rules below :


 1) Like or share the giveaway which is mandatory and gives you +3 points

2) Tweet about the giveaway which is mandatory and gives you +3 points

3) Like Experts Galaxy on Facebook which is optional and gives you +2 points
4) Follow Experts Galaxy on Twitter which is optional and gives you +2 points

5) Leave a blog post comment (why you need this license) which is optional and gives you +1 point

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway has ended and winners are announced here.

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