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Finally I moved this domain out of Google's billing system and now the domain is with I purchased my first domain ( around 8 years back when I used to pay (via bank transfer) to a local reseller in my city. Later on, I subscribed with Godaddy, eNom, Google (They have tie up with different registrars), Name and now Namecheap too.

I registered this domain around 6 years back via the Google Apps Free Edition which is no more offerred now. Few years back, when I ordered the hosting services from HostGator then also I thought of changing the registrar for this domain, did ask for the authorization code from eNom but later on dropped the idea (Even I don't remember the reason to drop it).

Change Domain Name Registrar

Though the domain was registered via Google with Enom, I have also experienced the services of Enom directly, which was 7 years back. As far as I remember now, they were fine though I cancelled my domain registrations with them because of their domain registration price which is a bit more than other registrars.

I enjoyed my domain registrations via Google which is a hassle free process, where you don't have to do much work for setting up Google services like Blogger, Google Apps etc. The major drawback that I found with them is that you can not renew your domain for multiple years and incase you won't be able to come online during the renewal time or month then after the grace period, everything is at risk. We can not renew the domain in advance as well and you are totally dependent on your availability in the renewal month.

When I signed up with HostGator then I planned for sub-domain system for this blog like etc and thought of transferring the domain from Google's billing system to HostGator as to create sub-domains via their hosting, we need to transfer the domain to them. eNom's DNS for customers via Google is a different one, though it has many options to manage your domain but not all. I always felt the need to get full access for the DNS of the domain.

Now if you wish to transfer your domain from one registrar to another registrar then three things should be taken care of:

1) The domain should be unlocked ---- Normally you can do it on your own from your domain management control panel provided by the registrar but if the domain is registered with Enom via Google then you need to contact them at a specific email address. You can get the email address after signing in to your admin account of the domain and then go to Domains option>> Advanced DNS

2) You need the authorization code also known as EPP code ---- You can get the code from your domain control panel but again if it is via Google with Enom then you need to ask them at the specific email address as explained above.

3) ID Protect should be disabled ---- If you are using Private WHOIS for your domain to avoid spammers then you need to disable the ID protect service, which again can be done in the control panel. If you are using the services via Google with eNom then again you need to follow the above procedure.

When you purchased a domain via Google with any registrar, then you also get private whois service for free with the domain registration service. It is also one of the reason, I was using their services to protect my domain from spam emails. But later on, when I found that it could be a trouble for me incase I won't be able to come online around the renewal time and when I was planning to create sub-domains then I thought of moving the domain as it is my primary domain.

Later on, I got issues with HostGator's hosting services and I don't remember why I dropped the idea of moving this domain. But when I requested the authorization code, they also disabled the ID protect service which was necessary to transfer the domain. I did not remember to ask them to re-enable the service.

Recently, I found out that the WHOIS guard is disabled for this domain and one of my other domain registered via Google. When I contacted eNom (I knew they are the right people to contact) for the reason (I forgot that they disabled it when I asked for EPP) then they redirected me to Google. When I contacted Google then they redirected me to eNom, though I knew that it is something not related with Google Apps.

eNom could not give me a satisfactory answer though I already made up my mind to move all my domains to another registrar so that I can renew them for multiple years and whenever I wish. Another reason for the transfer is, earlier I could renew all my domains via Google Checkout from a cental account but later on they closed the service and now I have to renew all my domains separately from different admin accounts.

Google has closed the free edition of Google Apps for new signup on on 6th December, 2012. The domains that are already signed up for free edition would continue using it. Most of my domains are registered for the free edition and I keep on moving them from one registrar to another registrar. As they are already verified, so it does not hamper the functioning of my Google Apps. But I was worried for 5 of my domains registered via Google with different registrars as the billing was handled by Google.

I did not have any idea if I would be moving them to another registrar then whether my free subscription of Google Apps would work or not. Though, I almost made up my mind to move this domain despite the Google Apps thing as it would work only if I have the ownership of the domain and I did not want to put it at risk.

When I contacted the Google Enterprise Support Team for the ID protect issue then I also confirmed if my Google Apps free edition would continue to work or not. They confirmed that it will keep working as the domain is already confirmed for use and from now onwards, just the billing won't be handled by Google.

At times, I got scripted emails upon contacting eNom and I was not only surprised but shocked that why they were not reading my questions properly. Though, their domain pricing is a bit high than other registrars but I enjoyed my domain registration with them for all these years. A lot better than Goddady.

I am already in process to move many of my domains from Godaddy to Namecheap (They are reseller for eNom but atleast have live chat and famous for their support). In future, I can again transfer this domain to Enom via HostGator (When I saw their domain registration offer then it was with eNom) or any other provider depending upon my needs but I need a more advanced control panel for my domains where I can efficiently manage things and can renew the domain whenever I wish.

Whenever, I will switch my domains back to eNom then it will only because of their support person Jeremy. He was the only guy who were replying properly to the email, explaining everything instead of sending automated or emails without explanation. He reminded my of my days when I used to provide support via chat or email to the customers, explaining everything instead of fulfilling the target of sent emails in a day. So, there is someone in the company because of whom, I can still switch back to eNom later. Thanks Jeremy for the good work and keep it up forever.

Overall, it was a nice experience with eNnom and Google for around 6 to 7 years but I felt safe in moving the domain to another registrar where I can renew it as per my availability. As of now, is my favorite registrar because of their awesome support service. Though they do not have chat support then also I never felt the need for it as their email support's response is nice and in time. Moreover, they provide two step verification to login to your Name account to prevent your domains from unauthorized transfers and changes. According to my experience, they were the first domain registrar to provide this service all over the world. I also wrote a blog post about the procedure to activate the service for your account that you can refer here.

This post is one of its kind on Experts Galaxy where I have shared my personal experience about a digital service. From now onwards, I would keep sharing my experiences related to digital services so that readers can decide which one is good for them. Though, it does not mean that if my experience with a company was good or bad the same would be for the readers but I am sure that it would help you all a lot in deciding your digital service provider.

Have you ever faced such situation where you got stuck between two companies and none of them were able to resolve it or rather took the responsibily? Do share your experience with us via the comment option below.

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