Finally the day is here when we need to say bye to our favorite OS. Yes, I am talking about The Windows XP Era. I got my first computer back in the mid of 2006 or may be at the begining of 2007( I don't remember the exact year) and it came pre-installed with Windows XP( Don't remember if it was a genuine XP or not because later on it started giving issues while updating though it was a Compaq computer and after that only, I learned that even the authorized vendors can give you pirated softwares).

I had been using Windows XP till the starting of last year even though I got an MSDN account from my previous employer with loads of Windows 7 keys. Yes, I liked XP that much and used to love working on it though I had to switch to Windows 7 followed by Windows 8 and finally to Linux. I did the switch over because of security issues in Windows XP, while other Operating Systems provided a better security approach.

Windows XP Support Ended

Even if I have switched to different operating systems, Windows XP will always hold a special place as it was the OS with which I started my endless computer journey and learned a lot moreover understood the Microsoft OS on it. I can't forget the renaming of the start button, modifying, fixing registry errors for me and my clients as part of my technical support job.

I always wanted to post something to install Windows XP using a pen drive but initially could not find a nice and easy to use software like YUMI. Later on, it remained on my to do list and after that MS itself launched a USB installer for Windows 7 or later, crashing my idea of the post though the software was not for XP.

Today, Microsoft is ending the support of XP and will not offer the support and security updates for the OS. It would be the prominent target of hackers from now onwards and I hope that most of you must have switched to a different OS. If you have not switched to another Operating System then you need to make the smart move as early as possible if you love your data. You can check the extended support end date for any Microsoft product including XP at the link provided below: 

If you need time to make a decision that which OS should you buy or switch to then you can try a 90 days trial of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 which is easily available at the online store of Microsoft via Google search or you can make a permanent move to Linux to avoid such switches in future. If you still want to use XP a bit more though I would never recommend the same then you can read the advice from ESET's security blog below:

If you have any special things related with Windows XP then do let us know as it is not a bad idea to share the loving memories of this wonderful OS that lasted longer than any other OS of the company.

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