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Firefox and other browser vendors are launching a new version every now and then with new changes in the working of the browser. Few days back, Firefox released a new version and they ended the option or functionality of the add-on bar in the browser, where one of  my favorite add-on SearchStatus was located.

SearchStatus is a browser extension that helps in checking many things relevant to a blog or a website using different available options as shown below along with its old display location as I had set it on the add-on bar which was closed by Firefox. I was habitual of the add-on so I was missing it at the bottom right of my browser. I searched if any option is available to fix it or any other browser extension to replace the functionality but could not find any result.

SearchStatus Old Display Location

There are many other browser extensions which does a bit of the job but they make the browser and SERP results so ugly that I don't like them so before coding something of the same sort for new version of Firefox, I thought of researching the options for the extension.

I have changed the external source for checking the Whois of the domains many times in the options but never noticed that there is an option to change the location of the extension. I did change it few time with no results and one day I changed it to all the available locations to see if any of them works or not and glad it worked for me and also saved my time in coding the extension (Just kidding, I am not a coder as of now).

Simply click on Tools at the top of your browser which will appear after pressing the Alt key>> Then click on Add-ons>> Extensions on the new page>> Then click on Search Status options as shown below:

SearchStatus Change Browser Location Option

On the new window of SearchStatus Option, simply change the location as desired and click on ok. I have changed it to nav-bar as shown below:

SearchStatus New Nab-Bar Location

Once done, I got one of my favorite Firefox extension back to a new desired location. I wish if someone would have coded the same or equivalent extension for Google Chrome as well. I am also surprised as Chrome is the new revolution in the browser industry and still the developers of SearchStatus have not coded it for Chrome.

I hope this small quick tip would be helpful for many users like me and if you know about any useful, similar extension then do let us know using the comment form below.

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