Security is a major concern in the digital world and thanks to Google who has launched the feature of 2-Step verification after which many other companies launched the same or similar service. Most of the companies, atleast the giant ones are provinding the feature of 2-Step Verification so that the users can protect their account from unauthorized access. Though, all the companies are still not providing the security feature and if few are providing then all the users are not using the feature, keeping their accounts at risk.

I keep on using the services of different sites and feel good if a company is providing the security feature and feel surprised if a site is famous one with many users and still not providing the security feature. So, here is a list of all the websites that I use regularly and rarely as well, which are providing the security feature to enable two step security in your user account.  If you are using the services of either of them then it is highly recommended to enable the feature as explained in the links provided so that you can protect you accounts.

I also wrote tutorials for many web giants when they introduced the feature for their service and hence referring for the other ones using which you can enable the two step security feature in your account, incase you have one with the listed websites.

1) Google:  was the first email provider to start this service and after which most of the email providers have started this service for their users. I notice that Google sets the trend over the web, if they launch something new or stop any of their services then Microsoft does the same way, followed by others. So, Google is the key player according to me who sets the trend in the market and here is the tutorial that I wrote for enabling the two step security feature for your Google Account, though the options have changed but the feature is still robust.

2) Facebook: is still the number one social networking site and other internet giants are still struggling to beat this one. Had there been a separate presence of WhatsApp then things would have been different but the truth is, WhatsApp is a part of Facebook now and hence, the overall user base has increased for the site. They provide a feature of login approvals which is still active in my account and here is the tutorial that I wrote for it.

3) Hotmail: is still struggling to give a hard time to Gmail, though they keep on changing their services, be it in terms of look and feel or any other thing. The security feature in Hotmail is quite tedious where you need to type in your mobile phone number to get the code. I wish they would have simplified the things where one should get the code automatically in the registered mobile number, though here is the tutorial to enable the 2-step security feature in Hotmail.

4) Yahoo: used to be the key player in the list of email service providers though it still has a number of email users (I can say this because the tutorial for Yahoo that I wrote here, gets the maximum visitors among any another tutorial for emails like Gmail or Hotmail). I don't use the email service of Yahoo that much but I was a die hard fan of their messenger service, for which they have closed the chat feature and now you can chat with your added friends only. If you are a regular Yahoo email user then here is the tutorial that I wrote to setup second sign in verification for your account.

5) Name: is my favorite domain registrar when it comes to customer service and the kind of security they provide. For me, they were the first domain registrar who started providing the two step security feature. Godaddy provides the same but only for US residents and I would like to change my domain registrar instead of changing my residential status. Name is my first preference as of now though Google has also launched their own domain registration service which is in beta now. Here is the tutorial for to enable the security feature.

6) TeamViewer: is my favorite remote control software which is free for personal use. I have not started my own technical support center but incase I would start one in future or any other IT related company then TeamViewer will be the one I would use for commercial purpose as well. It is available for all the Operating Systems that one can think of and here is the official tutorial to enable the security feature for your web based TeamViewer login.

7) Namecheap: is another registrar that I like and moving all my domains from Godaddy to this one. They also provide the security feature which can be enabled as explained here. As per my experience Namecheap is the first international domain registrar who provides live chat service.

8) Dropbox: is my favorite cloud storage provider because of their GUI and easy to navigate features. I got a premium account free of cost for two years with my Samsung phone and hence I am a regular user of their service. Though, I have other cloud accounts in sites like Google Drive, Box, Adrive etc but I use dropbox as its easy to setup with my mobile to automatically upload the images and videos. I might not continue my premium account with them after its expiration as it costs $9.99/month for 100 GB and I would better like to purchase a backup drive instead of paying $99 a year. Here is the official Dropbox link to setup the security feature.

9) Lastpass: is a free password manager and something I am totally relied upon. I have so many domains and so many user accounts for those domains that at times I think that what would I have done without this awesome software. Here is the official Lastpass tutorial to use Google Authenticator as part of the 2-step security. Recently, I got a six months premium account for the service but I have been using and fully satisfied with their free service for the last three years or I guess may be more than that.

10) Bitly: is a URL shortening service and I guess the most famous in the niche. They have recently launched the security feature which can be enabled from the top option of your settings page as explained here. It is the default URL shortening service for Twitter which itself does not provide two step security feature for all the service providers in country like India.

11) LinkedIn: is a business oriented social networking service and we can say that the oldest one which was founded even before MySpace. As per my experience, earlier it was not that much famous though later the user base got increased and now you can see a LinkedIn profile link everywhere. Here is the official LinkedIn link where you can learn the procedure to setup 2-step verification for your account.

12) Apple ID: is the latest one to announce the availability of the two step verification security feature in multiple countries including India though they started the feature last year in selected countries only. You can refer the official link here to setup the feature for your account. I have used all the above listed 2-step verification systems except this Apple ID as I rarely access my account that too when I need to work on my cousin's Apple devices.

Apart from the above mentioned sites and services, there are many other which provide the 2-step security in limited countries like PayPal, Twitter etc. I tried to set one in PayPal but could not do it as they were unable to send an SMS in my mobile device rather to my service provider.

I have setup the 2-step security in only one of my Twitter account as they have limited service available with only few mobile carriers in India. I will keep updating this post with other sites and services that provide the security feature. If you are aware of any other site that provides the same and missing from the above list, then feel free to use the comment system so that I can include your favorite one in the list.

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