Computing is growing fast rather damn fast and even a normal Computer Engineer is not aware about the pace until they are into real computing. Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, E (GAME, I am sure you can guess the E here) are far ahead from the whole world and have many technical guys. Neither of them was a born geek, everyone starts his/her computer journey from basics and now its time for you to learn the mini box with multiple technologies.

I have been using internet for quite a long time and started using it around 12 years back. At that time, I was a normal email user and not that much into the software or hardware part. I started learning Computers around 8 years back, when my father bought a desktop for me as I took admission in a Computer Science course. I can never forget the way I learned computers, searching things on Google, reading stuff online, almost all day & night. I wish there could be someone to ease the way, I learned Computer.

Computer Basics Free Learning

I still remember the time when in case of corrupt Windows or in no boot situation, I used to call the local store from where I bought the Desktop and they used to install a pirated version of Windows. I could not judge that initially, till the time I figured out that I could not update my Windows as it was not Genuine. I thought that I got an original Windows with my purchase of a Compaq Desktop but I was wrong. Getting things fixed when you are relying on other is a tough job and I don't want even a single person in this world to struggle the way I did.

Are you struggling the same way? Don't worry, you are at the right place and if you wish to learn computers even from scratch then this post is for you. Now, first thing is the start point and I hope that you have a computer at your place or near by to work on it. If your computer is under warranty then don't hesitate to call the support number to fix any technical issue. But don't just call them, keep monitoring what they are doing on your computer to fix it. Also, do make a note of the keywords they use over phone or while explaining the things to you.

What is next, once you have the list ready? Remember Wikipedia? Yup, go ahead search for the stuff, read about it as it helps a lot in knowing more about the keyword, software, hardware or whatever you have jotted down. You can read the theory of any hardware, software or computer term on the site and don't hesitate to donate Wikipedia, whenever you get a chance to do it.

Once you know about the stuff then you should know how exactly it works. Almost six years back, I came to know about a website from where I learned about the computer stuff. The site is How Stuff Works (  I read a lot of stuff on the site and came to know about the inner working of the Computer. Though they have changed the look of the site and its not as easy to browse, as it used to be, but still you can read a lot of stuff on the site about Computer. I appreciate the efforts they have put in the site and really thank them for detailed explanation.

Once you know about the software, hardware and other things including the way they work, now comes the practical part which is the most essential part. If you are scared of experimenting things on your computer then you can setup a virtual lab as explained here or using Virtual Box . If you don't know the way to install Windows then there is no need to worry or feeling shy about it. Even, I did not know the procedure of installing Windows when I used to call those local shop guys who used to install pirated Windows on my computer for Rs.XXXX.

Once the lab is setup then you can install any version of Windows and Linux. I have almost all the tutorials here or if you wish to fix your computer or either of your friend's computer then you can use the step-by-step guides posted on this blog. Feel free to share them with others so that more people can learn to fix the computers. I don't want the fake support guys to call you and charge you $$$$$ for something which you can fix on your own, the better way.

I also launched the support forum though had to shut it down last year as I was running it on a free forum software. As soon as I get free from my certification stuff then I will re-launch it on a paid forum software for a better control and management. I am sure by the time you will learn the basics of Computer, Windows & Linux, I will launch the Enterprise Version of Experts Galaxy and then you will learn Windows Server, Linux, Networking, Virutalization, Database and much more that too free of cost. So stay tuned with us to learn the basic and advanced Computer for free.

Are you facing any computer problem that you want to get fixed for free? We have many tutorials here still you need someone to answer the questions? Click here to join our Forum ( As if now we have closed the forum option but will start it soon )to get help & interact with other members.
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